The T Factor

The T (Team) Factor...
The importance of a Team in the creation of an event and/or convention. 

The task of making a successful event and/or convention, requires a large amount of planification, budget, brainstorming and the right team to make an exceptional activity. Like in any project or business, the people or team used to complete a certain task is the number one factor or element, to ultimately develop and complete victoriously an event.

During the process of creating an event certain steps involving your team and other areas, have to be considered.

  • Estimate the number of people who will be attending your event. 
  • List what items would be needed for the venue.
  • *Make a list of the number of people required to assist in the running of the event. This includes your personal team and other required personnel such as, camera operators, lighting operators, sound controllers, car park assistants, caterers, etc. 
  • Split your event into workable categories. Make sure you assigned a team member to take charge of each category. 
  • Make sure the overall event coordinator has no other task than coordination.
  • Assigned a suitable person to act as a master of ceremonies. (This person is also considered part of your team) 
  • Make sure your program is structured so that the attendees have time to eat, bathroom breaks and occasional breaks. 
  • Assign a team member to be in charge of making sure local by laws are met and making sure the insurance is in place. 
  • Assign a host. 
  • Make sure you have appointed personnel to deal with unwanted situations. This includes assistants. 

This is a guideline to some of the most important team members and roles that you need in order to create an event/convention. Although, these check points depend on the event, the number of attendees, objectives, budget, among others. Positively, the team in charge of creating an event is CRUCIAL. However, making sure the communication, coordination, roles, balance of contributions, mutual support, effort and cohesion, appointed by the boss or project manager, are going to be the key factors in determining the quality and success of your event.

Conclusion: The TEAM Factor is the key factor to the success of your event and/or convention. Make sure the team you choose meets with all the requirements and necessities of the task. This way the event will result in SUCCESS. Teamwork is the word of the day!

Importance of Teamwork:

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