Keep it Legal!

Being legally secured and insured is a must for running any business either small, big, private, public, etc. no matter in what type of industry. Nowadays, company owners have to be extra careful with their contracts and insurance. Having the access and knowledge to a vast amount of legal information, people are doing anything and everything to keep themselves out of any legal situation. The event planning industry is no exception; numerous lawsuits and legal situations occur everyday in this area of the entertainment world.

Having the vision to create a corporate specialized event planning company in Puerto Rico, entails a lot of paperwork and most importantly, making sure my insurance is up-to-date and that I am covered from any possible liability. Nevertheless, nothing is certain and things happen.

For example, in 2010 an adult entertainment convention company sued Secaucus’s former mayor, Dennis Elwell and the Meadowlands Expo Center, over being forced to move a 2008 tradeshow from the town to Edison just days before the event. The company sued to regain its $32,500 deposit and an unstipulated amount for their losses for moving the 3-day show to another location. The situation began when Secaucus filed a lawsuit to ban the trade show from the town, citing violations of municipal and state ordinances on alcohol and proximity to a day-care center. The event company representatives say in the lawsuit that everything about the event was approved, and claim that the convention center officials later denied knowing details of the trade show. Situations like these can be avoided with more detailed and more specific contracts.

Other examples include a case where an event planner in Atlanta settled an out-of-court agreement with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences over the use of a gold statue, which according to the academy infringed on the copyrighted “Oscar” statuettes. Another example is a lawsuit by MGM’s Grand Hotel in Vegas filed against a New York based event planning company for not paying what they owe for a charity event hosted at the hotel in 2007. Both situations can be avoided taking the necessary legal measures and precautions.

Legal situations can be avoided in most cases. Attorneys recommend party planners to always have a lawyer, “especially one that practices intellectual property law” and when in doubt make sure you discuss and clarify any legal matter with them. So, party planners take notes and make sure you protect yourself and your business. Legal information is accessible, so there are no excuses. Good luck and keep it legal.


Trade-Shows Go Green…

In today’s society going green is in. Of course the event planning / convention / conference industry is no exception. New ways of creating exhibitions have been developed in order to save money and support the new trend of becoming environmentally conscious.

These green exhibits, also known as sustainable exhibit booths, should minimize the environmental impact. Depending on the size of the trade show or convention, these new modern booths can be made either small or large. However, it all depends on the needs of the organization that will be purchasing and utilizing the booth. Today, many are focusing on making sure that their exhibits and booths are sustainable and ultimately result in a lower potential waste. Creating an environmentally-friendly atmosphere and look. The key of creating a sustainable exhibit relies mainly on the materials used in the production process.  Incorporating elements like Swiss wood (a renewable resource and net remover of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere), low energy lighting, using recycled paper as materials, and organic foods and beverages.  Practicality is the main focus of this new trend.

Places like Switzerland have already incorporated this new environmentally friendly trend in numerous conventions and trade shows. In 2010, the Switzerland Convention and Incentive Bureau (SCIB) received the IMEX 2010 Green Exhibitor Award due to their sustainable exhibits. In addition, companies like Evo Exhibits and  Skyline Exhibits,  create top-of-the line eco friendly trade show displays, exhibits, and booths. Skyline Exhibits, located in Minnesota, USA, have created a 2-facet method of creating sustainable exhibits.

Skyline contributes to environmental sustainability in two ways: By providing lighter weight, modular exhibits that have smaller environmental impact than traditional custom exhibits, and by minimizing the impact on the environment from our manufacturing operations.

These two facets -- lightweight modular exhibits, and more environmentally friendly manufacturing, can be viewed through the lens of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”

As you can see new trends and new ideas are being incorporated in the event planning industry. Helping the environment concerns us all, and what better way than helping with little details like this. This is not only a great way to be environmentally conscious but it is a great way to develop a positive corporate image and PR, sending the message that you do care. Event planners and organizers should be applying new trends like this for their green conscious clients. I am sure ideas like this will make them very happy and pleased. Remember, keeping an open conscious about the world and trying to become more conservative is the way to save money.

On the following video you can see how a sustainable exhibit can look like and what materials are used. Video by Evo Exhibits, another green display production company. 




Meet the El Conquistador Resort

One of the greatest privileges humans have is the liberty of constantly choosing different options in any given situation. Whether if its choosing right from wrong, black or white, right or left, good or bad, chocolate or vanilla, etc. Using the corporate world as an example, thinking outside the box and doing things differently can sometimes help establish new ideas, determine new points, and ultimately reach goals and objectives faster, more efficiently, in a fun, unique and entertaining way. This is why corporations and/or companies should explore new venues and destinations for their corporate gatherings. Feel free to explore all the choices and different opportunities the beautiful island of Puerto Rico has to offer for your corporate events, conferences and/or conventions. I guarantee your event will be a total success. 

Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Say hello to the El Conquistador Resort, a Waldorf Astoria Hotel Resort. Perched high above the ocean on 300-foot cliff, El Conquistador is one of the most luxurious resorts in the Caribbean, located in Fajardo,Puerto Rico. 

Resort Accommodations
It is divided into five villages, with breathtaking, panoramic ocean views at The Grand Hotel including the villages of Las Brisas and La Vista. The resort is located on the northeastern tip of the island, near El Yunque Rain Forest. It is 4 miles away from stores and attraction of downtown Fajardo and Las Croabas. It counts with an on-site-world-class golf, spa, casino, water park, wind surfing, scuba diving, fishing and more. It even has its own private island, Palomino Island, just a 8 minutes boat ride (provided by hotel for guests) where guest can relax and enjoy the sun, beach, restaurants, water sports and more. El Conquistador Resort is located 31 miles from San Juan (the Island’s capital) and the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU).

Atlantic Conference Center 

Grand Atlantic Ballroom - 21,090 sq ft
In addition, El Conquistador Resort has all the commodities and accommodations that your company may need to conduct your next event, trade show or convention in the brand new state-of-the-art Atlantic Conference Center. You can host a function in the Grand Atlantic Ballroom, the largest ballroom in Puerto Rico with a space of 21,090 sq ft; or on the smaller Grand Caribbean Ballroom with 19,982 sq ft space. Your company has the opportunity to hold a board meeting in one of the 16 breakout rooms or meet in one of the 100,000 sq ft of indoor /outdoor meeting space.The resort also offers professional event planning staff and catering services for any event, luncheon, or dinner, etc.  El Conquistador also offers numerous business amenities and services, which include, audio-visual equipment rental, printers, fax, Wi-Fi, and more.

This is ultimately one of the top 5 resorts in the Caribbean, with top-of-the class facilities and services.  Remember U.S citizens: you don’t need your passport to travel to Puerto Rico, we are a U.S territory. (For more information on Puerto Rico's culture, climate, location and more Click Here) This is a great option for your company or corporation's events to be unique, fun and entertaining. For more information on the resort visit their website or click here. I urge you to consider this great venue and destination; I guarantee you won’t regret it. “ Life is anything, but square. So, why think inside a box? – Unknown
Enjoy the following clip with a more inside look of this great resort.

El Conquistador Resort Official Website
El Conquistador Resort Official Website -


El Conquistador Resort - Puerto Rico - Waldorf Astoria Collection