Catering In The Uk - New Business Plan

Which Foods?

The Brits are well known for their fish and chips. Therefore it won’t come as a surprise to know that it still is the most popular take away meal in the country. The next most popular foods are Indian, Chinese and Italian. Mexican food is getting popular too. Lots of people like to have bar meals in their local pubs. If you are thinking of starting a business, follow the trend, go for the most popular options. Your business will stand a chance. So if you think your village needs another coffee shop, go ahead.

Starting up
The first thing to do is to make a business plan. Your local authority will point you in the right direction and you may be able to get some help with that. Make sure you have adequate funds to start up your business and have money set aside to tide you over in the first few months until you are established. It takes time to get a business going, so be prepared for a slow start. It takes time and effort to build up a business and your hard work and patience will be rewarded if people keep coming back and bring their friends along, too.

Location is important
Try to find affordable premises in a prominent place. Look for a decent location in the best area you can afford according to your budget, like a place in the high street. Lots of high street shops are closing, due to supermarkets taking over and people resorting to online sales. This is your chance to snap up premises at knock down prices.
A food van is also a consideration. You see them outside large shopping centres and they always seem to be busy. Hungry men are easily seduced by the smell of burgers and fried onions.

People will always want a takeaway after a gruelling day at work, or as a Saturday family treat. Just make sure your one is different to the rest. Perhaps it’s time to start up a Mexican takeaway?

Different from the Rest
Try to have a special feature and find your niche. It’s good for marketing purposes. Offer something different from the rest. If you are a good baker or a specialist pie maker or make the most heartening soups in town, use that to promote your business. Choose a name to reflect that talent. Invite local groups to attend for special events, book groups, poetry evenings or art society meetings. You could maybe sell some of their art on your walls. Do anything that defines you as different from the rest.

Keep it simple
The downturn in the economy has people of all incomes tightening their belts. It's best to stick to tried and tested mainstream dishes, with a couple more fancy options on the menu. That way you are assured a steady income. You can upgrade your menu a bit when things get busier, but always have simple options available for your regular customers.

Source catering equipment and linen online for special deals. Don’t buy too cheap, as it will be a false economy. Get a good coffee machine, it will be worth its weight in gold.

Print and distribute leaflets and brochures, perhaps with a discount voucher for their first visit. Invite local press to the opening. This will all help in promoting your new food business.

You need to provide value for money, good quality food and some decent menu choices. Maybe you could include some low calorie options for dieters with calories or points printed on the menu? Provide tasty wholesome meals that will keep people coming back again.

By: Graeme_K