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A project in business is a collaborative enterprise, frequently involving research or design, carefully planned to achieve a particular aim. Whether your business includes selling a product or providing a service projects are everyday tasks. The event/convention production industry obviously is not the exception, and PR 101 had the opportunity to discuss very important points in the development of conventions with a talented local Puerto Rican PR firm; Eferrer Public Relations & Integrated Communications.

Eferrer is a boutique firm specializing in Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communications, established in Puerto Rico.

“We believe success strives in being strategically creative. Offering our clients the perfect marketing mix based on a continuous process of analyzing necessities, opportunities and weaknesses of our clients, keep us on the competitive edge”
                                      -Eferrer Public Relations & Integrated Communications

PR 101 had the opportunity to have a Q&A with the company’s founder & CEO, Edaliz Ferrer. Here she gave some pointers on project (in this case Convention/Event planning) development, among other things.

PR 101: What are the main starting steps to create a convention?
Ferrer: The main points taken into consideration at the starting point in the creation of a project are the objectives, and the purpose of the project. You also have to take into consideration the audience that you want to address, the date, very important the budget, and the history; has the event been done before or is it new.

PR 101:  What are the key factors to a successful event/convention?
Ferrer: Definitely, I believe there are 5 key factors to a successful event. First would be the planning, this includes the brainstorming process and the determination of the roles within the work group. Another key factor are teamwork, and your ability of budgeting. Last but certainly not least, it’s a tie tied between time and sponsors, both equally important.

PR 101: Which are some of the common objectives for a prosperous convention?
Ferer: To be able to meet every objective established for any event is the best to determine how successful or unsuccessful the event truly was. This is why at the time of choosing the most common and most important objectives of a convention production I chose the following:
·      Earn triple of the investment
·      Be able to do the event continuously, at least once a year.

PR 101: Working on a PR firm, what is the most common request from clients that are looking for new venues to do conventions or events?
Ferrer: Every client is different. They have different needs, ideas, suggestions and requests. I can say that the most important qualities they search within new venues are the venue’s capacity, its cost and its accessibility.  

PR 101: Which are some of the common mistakes event coordinators or producers make, creating events?
Ferrer: Wow, at the time of making an event you have a great responsibility of meeting every client’s demands and request but sometimes we do have mishaps. No need to say that sometimes its trial and error what helps us get better through time. Some of the main mistakes are concentrating on the assembly, equipment, sound, and lights, and not on the content of the event. 

PR 101: What tips can you suggest for creating a one of a kind event?
Ferrer: A one-of-a kind event is not very difficult; you must have a good and creative name, an innovative idea, new opportunities to expand the market within sponsors and knowing how to target your market.

PR 101: Why is Puerto Rico is a good alternative for an event/convention?
Ferrer: Puerto Rico is a great destination either to do tourism or to create an event or convention. Considering the year round nice climate, quality service, a wide range of activities for all ages and preferences.  In addition you have the option of incorporating water sports, and top class nightlife. And remember Puerto Rico is part of the USA, which means that if you are American you don’t need a visa or passport to come and visit.  

PR 101: What venue in Puerto Rico would be a good choice to do a company convention?
Ferrer: The best one would be the Predo Roselló Convention Center.*

PR 101: What does Eferrer Public Relations & integrated Communications have to offer in the Event/ Expo/ Convention department? 
Ferrer: At Eferrer Public Relations & Integrated Communications we offer and guarantee the best production and content you can wish for.  Not only a one of a kind experience but attention to detail like no other. In addition we provide media exposition free from cost. In conclusion, we offer an unforgettable experience.

PR 101: Does Puerto Rico really does it better? Why?
Ferrer: OF COURSE! We offer great service, first-rate tourism; some of the finest hotels from 2 to 5 stars, plus affordable air fees and accommodations can be found easily.  You can have the best of worlds, Spain’s exotic history with hip modern cities and fine entertainment. Plus we speak English!
From left to right: Camila Calderon, Edaliz Ferrer, Diana Otero & Ishaa Lopez. Staff at Eferrer  Public Relations &Integrated Communications
So, consider Puerto Rico as a venue for your next event/convention. You won’t regret it. Special thanks to everybody on Eferrer Public Relations & Integrated Communications, especially Ms. Edaliz Ferrer for taking some time off her hectic schedule and sharing some of her knowledge with us. 

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