Create Buzz for your Event...

Event Planning takes a great amount of details, dedication and work. At times, making a successful one-of-a-kind event can take an extravagant amount of time and what if no one actually gets to know about it? Having numerous clients, event planners often create events that require media attention or a general public attendance. There are several steps and measures event planners can use in order to get the media attention or buzz necessary for your event.

Research is everything! The first step is to determine what makes your event unique. Are there going to be celebrities? Is it for charity? Any local hero present? Knowing your target market and what they want to hear gives your event a competitive edge. It will also grab the attention of not only the audience but it will attract the media. In addition to this, you must know what dates are the best to hold your event. If it is a corporate event and the theme is the environment, why not do it in April 22nd, Earth Day? This will definitely capture the attention of many who are “green” and it will also go in accordance with the event theme.

Second, depending whether you have a publicist or a public relations person in staff, the event planner or event organizer must have knowledge of most of the local media sources. Be familiar with the names and titles of local newspapers, magazines, and website staff. This way you can make sure that your press release or event information sent via email, regular mail, and/or fax can be received and published by the correct person. Here is when the need to have at least basic knowledge of Public Relations kicks in.

In order for you to be completely prepared to reach out to the media you must have at least a press release, a press kits, and/or an online press room. According to the article, How to Attract Media to your Event, from the Meeting & Conventions Magazine an online pressroom should have the following:

                “• Must include all press releases or announcements.
                  • Provide a list of frequently asked questions about your organization and 
                  • Indicate a contact person (name, phone and e-mail) for all media inquiries.
                  • Provide additional multimedia assets that the media/bloggers can embed 
                    on their websites, such as info-graphics, videos and/or photos.
                  • Provide quotes from the organizer, exhibitors, sponsors and past/present 

Remember to always invite the media to your event and make sure you have an assigned area or seating section for them, this way they will feel comfortable and “important”. This can secure another coverage plus, it can begin a beneficiary and receptive relationship between you and the media. Make sure you always follow-up with a thank you letter to all of those who covered your event, this way people will remember you and continue to cover your event because they enjoyed working with you. If you have zero knowledge of how to create press releases and other documentation make sure you consult a PR representative or publicist. Keep creating successful & unique events and but now add some buzz!

Media Kit Example: